Seismological Bureau , TMD
หน้าหลัก ติดต่อสำนักเฝ้าระวังแผ่นดินไหว   Sunday, 19 August 2018

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Latest World-Wide Earthquakes
2018-08-19 15:18:23 THA
(33.24,88.95) Mag 4.8
2018-08-19 15:17:43 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-18.13,-178.25) Mag 4.9
2018-08-19 14:48:49 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-18.50,-177.79) Mag 4.9
2018-08-19 13:36:55 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-18.17,-178.34) Mag 5.8
2018-08-19 13:19:18 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-17.94,-177.93) Mag 4.9
2018-08-19 12:58:37 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-18.22,-178.25) Mag 5.4
2018-08-19 12:46:11 THA
Dodecanese Islands, Greece
(36.20,25.87) Mag 4.8
2018-08-19 12:45:26 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-18.20,-178.26) Mag 4.8
2018-08-19 12:19:58 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-17.79,-179.76) Mag 5.6
2018-08-19 11:28:59 THA
Fiji Islands Region
(-17.03,-178.02) Mag 6.8

          At present in sense of scientific point of views, earthquake phenomena still has been unpredictably natural disaster. Generally to face with earthquake disaster or establish for tsunami warning system in the country , several measures of earthquake-tsunami prevention and mitigation including early warning need to have high efficiency input and good results from reliable standard class of seismic monitoring system and from the latest technology of digital data and real time telecommunication . Seismological tasks , Geological works and Earthquake engineering research mainly utilize these data and information as well. Consequently Seismological Bureau, Thai Meteorological Department established an Automatic Earthquake Monitoring System to serve all the need of raw ground motion data, sea level changes, displacement and analyzed seismic data for the public interest and multi users. The system consists of 40 seismic stations, 26 accelerograph stations, 9 tidal gauge stations , 4 GPS stations. The operational works are 24/7 basis to continuously monitor , watch and disseminate of relevant information, messages and warning regarding to earthquake and tsunami hazard.
          Generally earthaquake prevention and mitigation measures are dealed with several agencies both in governmental and private sectors that responsible to plan , operate, monitor, research and implement in advance for operational procedure of pre events , during events, or after events in order to attain the last goal of safety and wealthy of people. This Seismological Bureau WEB site is initially one of the line to serve this objective for all users and people to directly access data, information and warning including basic knowledge of seismology and tsunami. Furthermore it will reveal that earthquake phenomenon are normal natural events that occurred everyday. Even though luckily, Thailand is not in the active area but it is not mean that Thailand is safe for earthquake and tsunami disaster. Then to face with these disasters the best scientific preparing in advance must be performed to gain sustainable safety and mitigation.